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Letters from readers
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Sten Sture Skaldeman
70 years

Sten Sture turns 70 today. He is out of town but we can pool our congratulations for when he reads this when he arrives home.
A cheers to you, Sten Sture. I met you 7 years ago and you have saved my life. Without the tedious details, I read the script for your first book in the spring of 2005, and now I'm sitting with your new cookbook – specially signed for me. Thanks for a crazy good cookbook.
"It is by far the best I've seen in the genre and it does not say a little because I have all Optimals and a lot of the other.
It is NICE - Congratulations to a great designer! - it has its place in front on a bench in the kitchen or even on your coffee table.
It is FUNNY - you laugh when you read it (who laughs at a cookbook ?)
It is HEALTHY - where else to get carbohydrate and fat ratio calculated for every recipe.
It's TASTY - I like the selection of recipes - that is simple, so it really takes to do, I normally do not use recipes.
It is INSPIRING - I know to deal with my life and start cooking again.
It was fun that I could rediscover my liver recipes again! It looked tasty and delicious, with pictures and everything.
I'm completely sold on this way of eating, and has been successful in getting my husband to do the same. He was very sceptical. Now he has to ask: How can he stop his weight loss?
He is worried he might lose so much weight he’ll dissapear!



Two years ago , I took 110 units of long-term insulin and 3x10 units mealtime insulin. I weighed 244 lbs at 5’7’’ tall. My waist size was 48 inches. I had to take four blood pressure pills a day , and a number of painkillers. I felt short, and in poor health.
Then I happened to flip on Norwegian TV. There appeared a former fat boy named Skaldeman. He had lost about 141 lbs of fat by eating beef, bacon and fatty sauces . The commercial was not more than three minutes long, but it was enough to convince me. The day after I ordered Skaldeman's books and now I'm healthy.
Today I weigh a tad over 187 lbs. My blood pressure has gone down , and I have stopped taking tablets for my rheumatoid arthritis, and I no longer have pain. Before, I took 140 units of insulin a day, then after two years I am free from the insulin tablets. Becoming free from the tablets took a quick six months of eating right. Today I have a normal long-term blood sugar levels without medication. My waist today is 37 inches and is continuing to shrink.
hank you, Skaldeman!
Lars-Evert Wilhelmsson


Hello, Sten Sture!

I would like to tell you about my health benefits. In 2007 I had high sugar at two consecutive measurements; I was classed as diabetic type -2. I chose to try to treat my diabetes with diets, because I was already used to dieting. During the year, I managed to lose another 13 lbs, and in February - 08 , I weighed 233 lbs. Then I was just age of 63. That was when I was introduced to your books of a business colleague.
I read "Eat your weight down", and 1 March , I started my health journey, thank goodness! I also bought your GI-Zero! three times! I have given away two to people who need it, and my third , I have had loaned most of the time and not had time to read it yet.
Back to my health. When I got my verdict I was having prostate medicine, arthritis medicine, statins, and Brufen as pain relievers for arthritis. Today, I eat B-calm and E- vitamins.
I have lost 64 lbs with your diet. My HbA1c is now 4.6. Other values will be taken early next year. I feel like I'll live until I turn 90 and then die on the spot.

Bertil Lind, publisher


Hi Sten Sture

If you have received 10 000 letters/e-mail , here is number 10 001.

If you have received 10,000 letters/e-mail , here is number 10,001.
5 weeks into the very low carb. Weighing 308 lbs (62 years), I could not walk 50 feet, without becoming breathless + being ful of pain. (Weighing so much), you're convinced that the shortness of breath and pain due to obesity.
This was not at all, after only a week on your diet I lost both the pain and breathlessness.
I started doing this to lose weight and had no idea that it would give immediate health benefits, and that I was simply carbohydrate poisoned.
Fall asleep in 3 seconds at night, wake up by myself 7 in the morning. I wake up as a baby , open my eyes and wide awake . I get more done in ONE day now than in a week of my past diet.
I can honestly say that throughout my life I have not felt completely healthy for more than a handful of days.
I have always had some pain somewhere . The mood , yeah I have felt happy sometimes, but then it has more been a manic joy followed by periods of depression. Now I just feel calm and at peace, an inner peace that I never felt before.
Placebo? No, I didn’t know what to expect, and did not know about these health benefits.
This is a miracle.
I see in the picture that you have neither a beard and white robe , otherwise I had my suspicions ...

Lars Roth

Hi Sten-Sture!

I am one of the lucky ones who email you to tell you about my success! After reading your books and received ridicule from the environment I was lving in, I was more determined than ever that I wanted to change my life!
I am 21 years old, 5’5’’ tall, and I am studying to be nurse. I weighed 374 lbs. Felt really bad physically and mentally.
Then I came in contact with your books and now I've gone down to 189 lbs. It's as I said, still a ways to go, but I'm on track and feel like a fish to water!
Many thanks for great books! I really like the way you write so directly and honestly. No types of shortcuts or excuses.
The body works as it does, buy the concept or stay fat!

With kind regards


Hello !
Just want to tell you that 10 weeks ago I started with your diet. When I weighed 291 lbs, now I weigh 246 lbs. I have lost 44 lbs in ten weeks; I can hardly believe it's true!
The most remarkable thing is that I have not been hungry or felt any difficulty in avoiding the daily coffee break bread at work for example.
Super Beautiful!
Will continue with strict Skaldeman in another month, then I will try adding a bit of carbs to see how carb sensitive I really am.
Am extremely grateful! The book really changed our lives. (My husband has also lost about 38 lbs already)



Would like to send a big thanks to you for this superbok and diet. I have now been eating this diet for a month and dropped 44 lbs and feel great. I have become much more alert and awake.

Thanks a lot


What we eat is important for health and disease. Many people with depression, anxiety and sleep disorders have been useful to give up sugar, reduce your intake of carbs and eating
plenty of fat.

H Jonsson, PhD, MD


Bloggers in English

About Tommy

My name is Tommy and I have been eating quite “hard core” LCHF since September 2009 and this is my story.

In August 2009 I was googling for a new recipe for sauce béarnaise and found an interview with Sten Sture Skaldeman where he told a story about him trying eat himself to death with all food he liked and was told to stay away from. Sten Sture was surprised to see his weight go down and after a year or so he had lost a lot by eating less carbs and more fat.

I have always been the largest (well, fattest) kid on the block but I have never really suffered from it. I have never been bullied nor had any physical problems with my back, knees or anything else. So I have never really tried too loose weight before.

When Sten Sture told his story I got inte-rested.

Entrecôte and sauce béarnaise was two of my favou-rite things when it comes to food so I felt like trying this weird  “diet”.

From 174.4kg (384,5 lb)
to 87kg (191 lb)

Read more on his blog


Traveling LowCarbly

I have set out on a journey -   a weight journey.

In July 2006 my weight was 278 pounds and I was reading an article in a newspaper saying that the only working solution for people with that magnitude of obesity was gastric surgery..

I could not accept the idea that I was helpless, that my only hope for the future was to have gastric surgery so I decided right there and then that I was going to do it by myself, my way, that I was not a helpless victim but rather had the possibility to shape my own future even in the respect of health and weight management.

I started with a traditional approach to lose weight, less fat, smaller servings of everything, focus on fibre and water… It worked fine right from the start, after a week or so I had lost around 4 pounds.

Having set out on this journey I started to surf the net and read books to obtain information about weight management and nutrition. One of the first books I encountered was “Ät dig ner i vikt” (Eat and lose weight) by Sten Sture Skaldeman, a Swedish gentleman who had himself lost 140+ pounds by NOT avoiding fatty foods but cutting carbs to a very small amount. This concept attracted me partly because I don´t mind going against traditional and sometimes prejudiced opinions and advice, I decided to definitely give it a go!

The following two weeks I lost another 5 pounds so it obviously didn´t harm the weight loss in a short perspective to eat fat… In september 2006 I started my first blog “fetsmart” (fat smart in English, as in “street smart” or rather “very smart” since “fet” in “modern”(?) Swedish is an intensifier) with the intention to promote my own weight loss as well as LowCarb eating in general. My original idea was to lose 37 Kg (82 pounds) in 370 days, a period of time which by chance (hmm…) happend to be ending on my fiftieth birthday… in July 2007.

And here I am almost a year after that original period of time has elapsed and I still haven’t reached my goal… Well I don’t consider that as a major failiure since I have gained(!) a lot in terms of experience and perhaps even knowledge in the field of nutrition and weight loss while trying…  

My southbound journey is perhaps best summarized in the graph below. It’s been a bit slow after the initial downhill… In order to achieve a steeper slope in months to come I have signed up for “Göteborgsvarvet” Gothenburg Half Marathon taking place May 16th next year.

Hopefully this blog will be helpful in countdown to… running!