Skaldemans diet, LCHF and GI-Noll
13 years ago, I lost a weight-loss competition and in despair I began to eat myself to death. I started to eat everything that tasted good, which was consequently prohibited by the food pyramid that is the staple of a “healthy” diet nowadays. To my great surprise I did not die.On the contrary, I went lost 70 kg of weight and renewed my youth, vitality, and strength to levels I had not experienced in decades. So Skaldeman’s diet was born, or as it is now known: GI-zero! Now many years have passed, and many other people in Sweden and Norway have followed in my tracks, and today the diet has been officially named LCHF (Low Carb-High Fat)
Ten years ago, around one hundred peopled ate according to LCHF principles; which advocates for natural, organic animal foods with a high proportion of fat. Today nearly one million people eat this way. To put that in perspectivd; 10 percent of the Swedish population eat LCHF! It's funny to think that this popular movement started with a fat man's attempt to eat himself to death. The followers of LCHF, led by myself, did not follow science and medicine’s misguided principles of health; and we knew nothing about what happened in our environment. Instead we ate a diet that gave results. Day by day we became noticeably healthier.
Since we were not influenced by any outside factors, our experiences are real. We have a retrospect and hindsight that we have created in Sweden. Despite its English name, LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) is, originally, a Swedish creation. As such, it has not yet caught hold in America, although the movement is rapidly growing as more people experience the innumerable benefits of LCHF.
Today we have discovered that we have many international predecessors who have independently discovered similar results following a similar diet. We have the utmost respect for their work. In addition, the essential elements that we have developed in Sweden give evidence that our predecessors were correct with their findings.
We now know that natural food, conservative with carbohydrates and liberal with saturated fat is an unbeatable path to eat your way to perfect health.