A few lines about me
My name is Sten Sture Skaldeman, and I have eaten my way to a life free from disease and obesity. I have done so with a method I have invented myself. As a bonus, it was a tasty and rewarding journey. I have not been hungry for a dozen years, and I feel fantastic. I've just turned 70, but I feel like I'm 35. A natural diet provides natural health!
Now I have moved to a small town in Hölö, where I will spend the rest of my life. I will write books, publish a ( LCHF magazine ), and feast on mushrooms, fish, and other tasty staples of LCHF, and answer mail and participate in diet-debate. In addition, I will strive to spread our diet ideas beyond the region. As for Sweden and Norway; these countries will continue to have growth with the LCHF diet as the experts located here publish more findings.
II expect that we can become a well-known diet options in England and Germany at 5 - 10 years . The United States; with it’s unwarranted fear of animal fat, is more difficult to convince. We'll have to give the process another decade. But since we have reality on our side, we will eventually win. I am only 70 years old today; and I will get to see this coming diet revolution before I put down my fork and pen for good.
It seems incredible, considering that twelve years ago I weighed 130-150 lbs more than I do now. In addition, I was told I was near death. I could not even go back and forth to the mailbox without resting at least a few minutes. Now I am as strong and durable as a young man, and I can decide if I want to live for ten or thirty more years! My goal is to keep going as long as it's fun.
By pure chance I found the solution to health. I discovered that we have a natural weight  control, just like all other mammals. There is no remarkable discovery, the secret is hidden in our DNA, but for a long while I seemed to be alone in this finding.
Natural weight control works in a way contrary to what the majority of doctors and nutritionists believe. It has nothing to do with calories or exercise. Instead, it's about eating as we evolved to eat, and let nature do the rest. I set out to spread my rediscovery with my first book: "Eat to lose weight".
Since then I have written a half dozen books. Learn how you eat yourself to health under the tab : My  books!
Last but not least, two colleagues and I launched a new magazine: Low Carb, High Fat. It is the only magazine for LCHF/GI-Zero! With this magazine, it you can learn to eat yourself to health. The magazine is therefore complementary to my books.
Of course you should subscribe to LCHF magazine (if you are Swedish). The magazine (written in Swedish) is filled with practical and accessible information for those who chose to eat the diet humans are meant to eat. Click here to instantly take out a subscription to LCHF. An english version is in the works for the future.